Friday, March 14, 2008

Thank you to my mentors

Before I go on writting my comments, I certainly wish to thank all those mentors in my career who contributed one way or another in broadening my perspective in my profession.

My first few drops of knowdlege was from my government posting in the Johor Bahru Dental Clinic. Under the supervision of Dato Tan Nam Ho (a maxilo-facial surgeon) and Dr Chen Swee Lian (an Oral Surgeon) my days at the clinic was filled with challenging experience and I must say I gathered an ocean of practical exposure to various dental treatments.

The JB clinic was one of the busiest with many many emergency cases each night when we are on standby. And that also means that we end up treating many cases.

Next was my posting to the Tangkak Dental Clinic as the Dental Surgeon in Charge. I had an excellent DSA (Dental Surgery Assistant) called Navamani who was a senior person and had an ocean of information to learn from.

I must say I had a good time working with the many staff of the Tangkak Dental Clinic before I moved on to the private sector. The government days were an eye opener, contrary to popular believe, government clinics actually have among the best equipment and medication.

My private practise experience reached a stage where I figured I should run my own clinic and here I am in Klinik Pergigian Joon.

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