Saturday, March 15, 2008

Scaling & Polishing

Today I thought of writting something about one of the most basic preventive treatment in dentistry i.e. SCALING & POLISHING.

Scaling is removal of calculus from tooth surface. Why is this important?

Calculus builds up on our tooth surface over time and becomes an ideal breeding ground for bacterial colonies. Calculus also "eats" into our gums causing swelling of gums and infection at the gum pockets.

Left unattended, these calculus forts on our tooth becomes the starting point of decay and loosening of our tooth from its pockets.

Scaling is to remove the excessive build up of calculus and to ensure a healthier tooth-to-gum interface.

What about polishing, is this a cosmetic affair? Well no. Polishing removes stains from the surface of the tooth. Tooth is abraded daily by our chewing and munching activities. As the surface becomes overly rough, it becomes more dificult to clean effectively and stains develop easily.

Polishing removes the unwanted stains and brightens the tooth surface. Of course it looks and feels a lot better too!

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