Friday, March 14, 2008

My cyberspace of dental information

I created this blog as my own cyberspace of dental information. In Malaysia, we do not find a high level of awareness on dental (oral) health. I say this because every year we have FREE dental check up campaigns organised by the Malaysian Dental Association, which is not heavily patronised.

Many Malaysians do not see regular monitoring of oral hygiene as a means of maintaining a good set of teeth and healthy gums for life.

Our teeth is among the strongest parts of our body. Yet we frequently allow tiny bacteria to attach and crash our "defense"! If we understand the logic behind regular dental check up we will realise that it will help us spend much less to upkeep what we already have.

So in this blog, I hope to write some of my experience and the knowledge I gained over the many years of being in this field for the benefit of interested browsers.

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